International Technical, Agricultural and Social Development Foundation

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ITSDF’s philosophy is to stimulate and to create enterprises, as these are powerful instruments against ongoing conflicts and wars (and the resulting poverty) in developing countries. Small and medium-sized enterprises play crucial roles in the generation of sustainable prosperity and in the fight against poverty.

The successful conclusion of ITSDF-funded projects will spur others to also attempt to become entrepreneurs. All of the resulting projects will lead to the creation of more jobs.

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Such a plan will (after having been accepted by the ITSDF) be funded through donations and available sponsorship money. Additionally, the ITSDF wants to raise funds from companies that work in the same sector. We will also investigate whether the project can be subsidised. The ITSDF will then, in consultation between the (starting) entrepreneur and ITSDF’s experts, set up the project and acquire/install the necessary resources. Everything remains under ITSDF’s control and ownership, until the point is reached where it is clear that the ownership can be transferred to the initiator/applicant. Whenever possible, the applicant should repay ITSDF the invested money. However, this is not a prerequisite.

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The ITSDF is open to cooperation with other organisations. The foundation believes that no time and energy should be wasted on expanding activities in areas that are already supported by other organisations.

Our Projects

Media centre
100 houses (social housing) in West Africa
Agricultural school in West Africa
Fish auction Togo
Day-care centre and playground
Inland fishing association
Support for youth work
Modernisation of sea fishing
Matchmaking/Joint venture program
Pig industry
Construction sector
Food safety and food hygiene

Fishing association project

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