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ITSDF’s services

In addition to executing its own projects, the ITSDF also carries out work that is commissioned by third parties. The ITSDF does charge a fee for this. Of course, limited services will be less costly than full services. All rendered services will be documented and subsequently placed in a report. Conversations will always be recorded on tape. Below you will find an overview of the services performed and/or offered by the ITSDF.

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Services to third parties

Applications will be examined

The accuracy of provided information will be verified prior to acceptance of an application. Furthermore, additional information will be requested and field research will be conducted.

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Examination of business plan

The business plan will first be examined by experts.

Market research will be conducted; opportunities and legal barriers will be investigated.

It is also possible to have only one component of the business plan examined.

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Project guidance

The ITSDF can guide several components of a project, or it can guide a project from beginning to end.

Periodic reports detailing progress and developments will be sent to the client. The frequency with which these reports appear will be mutually determined.

Project inspection
The ITSDF can be requested to perform periodic (or one-time) inspections. The client indicates which aspects of the project should be inspected. The findings are then fed back to the client. The ITSDF will not discuss the findings with anyone other than the client.


Project advice

The ITSDF will execute the assignments it is given with the utmost care. The ITSDF takes the client’s wishes into account throughout the assignment.

Execution of project


The ITSDF can execute a project/service from beginning to end. The assignment will be registered in a contract, and it will be executed under ITSDF’s terms and under mutually agreed-upon conditions.

Social Housing Project

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