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Taking a share of a project

Although you may sponsor a project, most projects also allow you to take a share of them. Such a share gives you the right to co-determination.

You can choose to become an active or a silent partner. As an active partner, you are actively involved with the day-to-day management, and you also bear partial responsibility. As a silent partner, you authorise the ITSDF to stand up for your interests. The agreements will be notarised.

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Adopting a project

A project may appeal to you for various reasons. For example, it could be that the project’s sector is (similar to) the sector you are working in. Or maybe you have relevant knowledge of a certain subject. You may also feel connected to the project for other reasons.

If so, the ITSDF can establish a bond of friendship between you and the project; the sponsorship will take place through the ITSDF. Periodic reports will keep you updated about the developments in the project. You will have the right to co-determination.

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The sponsor’s interests

The ITSDF feels an obligation to do everything possible to further the interests of sponsors and donors.




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Visiting a project

If you decide to become a sponsor, you have the possibility of getting in contact with the initiator of the project. You can physically visit the project to meet the initiator and to find out more about the work that is being done. If you prefer, you can also get in contact with the initiator by telephone or by Skype.

A request for a meeting with an initiator can be submitted to the ITSDF. The meeting will then be organised and you will receive a cost estimate and an itinerary.

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The latest project

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During his recent visit to Togo, the president of Foundation ITSDF gave Pastor Daniël 10 computer systems. Rabobank Groningen supplied the computers; the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) supplied the monitors, keyboards, and cables.